Secure Conferences on-line offers a wide range of services. And we do much more than conference registration.

We generally work with MySQL databases and use the PHP programming language to "talk" to the database.

On-line conference registration web sites are web applications. We design and build custom web applications for just about any circumstance. From on-line conference registration to on-line pizza ordering we can do it all.

On-line Conference/Incentive Registration: A mainstay of our business is on-line conference and incentive registration web pages. These can be simple, collecting name address and phone number, or they can be complex keeping track of sign-ups for breakout sessions with limited space available and collecting credit card information.

On-line stores/shopping carts: We create custom on-line shopping carts for a variety of businesses. Some businesses can use an "off-the-shelf" shopping cart. We can help you integrate these into your web site. If an "off-the-shelf" shopping cart won't work for your business, we will create a custom shopping cart which will fit your needs.

Administrator pages: We create custom admin pages so you can see, sort, search, edit and download your database. This often overlooked service is perhaps the most important service we provide. Getting your data into the database is only the first step and the process is not complete until you have access to your data. Our clients really appreciate the administrative pages we put together for each web application.